Our Businesses

Lonsec Fiscal’s businesses provide a full range of specialised services for financial advisers, fund managers, and the broader investment community.

Each of our businesses brings a particular set of skills and experience to ensure that what we offer is directly relevant to the client’s needs.

Lonsec Research

Lonsec Research provides financial advisers with detailed, highly actionable research across an extensive range of listed and unlisted investments, from traditional managed funds to alternative asset classes. Lonsec Research’s investment ratings and reviews are based on quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as face-to-face engagements with fund managers, allowing for objective, in-depth research that delivers better investment outcomes for clients.

Our leading team of investment consultants deliver tailored, client-driven insights and analysis for financial advisers, dealer groups and superannuation funds. Lonsec Retire provides a full suite of retirement investing services, including the latest research and strategic insights, practical retirement solutions, and objectives-based portfolio modelling tools.

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Lonsec Investment Solutions

The financial services industry continues to face a rapidly changing environment, characterised by regulatory uncertainty, tumultuous markets, and disruptive new technology. Amidst this backdrop, advice businesses face ever-increasing cost pressures, clients are scrutinising their investments, and technological developments are having a significant impact on advice businesses.

Lonsec Investment Solutions (LIS) assists financial advisers in overcoming these challenges, facilitating better investment outcomes for clients, underpinned by decades of experience in the wealth creation sector. Drawing on Lonsec Research's established research and portfolio construction expertise, LIS provides financial advisers with access to a range of model portfolio solutions across listed and unlisted investments.

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SuperRatings is Australia’s first and most respected superannuation fund research company. As a pioneer in the superannuation industry, SuperRatings was established to close the information divide between funds and members and to cut through the complexities of Australia’s superannuation industry.

With in-depth data covering more than 620 superannuation, accumulation and pension products, SuperRatings is Australia’s most authoritative and trusted source for superannuation fund ratings and reviews.

For superannuation funds, SuperRatings’ team of industry specialists provides in-depth analysis, insights and tools to help deliver better investment outcomes for superannuation fund members, as well as help funds attract and retain members through a powerful array of online engagement tools.

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SuperSavvy is a guide to superannuation in Australia, providing objective insights and analysis to help investors make informed decisions about superannuation, no matter which life stage they are at.

SuperSavvy provides superannuation fund comparisons, educational material, and up-to-date news and analysis, in a language that is easily understood by a retail investing audience. Investors can learn about every aspect of Australian superannuation, from regulation, tax, consolidation, and transition to retirement. Navigating the super landscape can be an arduous task, with a complex maze of information to get through.

SuperSavvy cuts through the complexity and makes it easy for investors to develop their investment goals and to find out which products are best suited for them.

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