Our Products & Services

The financial services industry is experiencing significant transformation. Rapid changes in technology, product innovation, and a more competitive market are creating opportunities as well as challenges. As the investing world becomes more complex, the demand for better investment outcomes and quality financial advice increases. At Lonsec Fiscal, we know we need to be continually evolving, just as you are evolving.

Our group of businesses offer a wide range of products and services to enable you to deliver better insights and better results for your clients and members. No matter who you are, Lonsec Fiscal has the knowledge, resources, and expertise to help you to deepen your analysis, engage with your clients, and grow your wealth.

I Am a Financial Adviser

As the advice industry evolves, more demands are being placed on advisers, especially when it comes to demonstrating the quality and depth of advice. Lonsec Fiscal allows you to leverage your knowledge and expertise, giving you the tools you need to generate better investment outcomes.

I Am a Fund Manager

As a fund manager, knowing where you stand is essential. Lonsec Fiscal enables you to go one step further, providing customisable analysis and comprehensive benchmarking across all sectors. Lonsec Fiscal offers a full suite of market research, consulting, and digital tools to take your fund further.

I Am a Super Fund

The super industry is undergoing fundamental change, driven by evolving investor behaviours and new regulatory proposals. We believe there are real opportunities for further product development, deeper member engagement, and better intelligence to enable funds to grow their membership and support investors into retirement.

I Am an Analyst

Lonsec Fiscal offers a comprehensive suite of research products and tools for analysts working within the funds management industry. Lonsec Fiscal combines business intelligence with investment expertise that enables you to go beyond the data to deliver real value and insights.

I Am an Investor

SuperSavvy is a fearless guide to superannuation in Australia, providing objective insights and analysis to help investors make informed decisions about superannuation, no matter which life stage they are at. SuperSavvy provides superannuation fund comparisons, educational material, and up-to-date news and analysis, in a language that is easily understood by a retail investing audience.