Retirement Solutions

Lonsec Retire provides financial advisers with access to leading investment tools and insights to enable their clients to better manage their savings through retirement and achieve their investment goals. Lonsec Retire offers a full suite of retirement investing services, including the latest research and strategic insights, practical retirement solutions, and objectives-based portfolio modelling tools.

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Retirement-focused research

Lonsec Retire is a central point of access for objectives-based retirement portfolio innovation and thought leadership. Practical and educational, Lonsec Retire’s research and perspectives aim to assist financial advice professionals discuss retirement issues with their clients.

Portfolio construction guide

Lonsec Retire's guide to portfolio construction provides a practical framework to assist financial advisers in building an objectives-based retirement portfolio. While many existing post-retirement portfolio construction approaches offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach, Lonsec Retire is focused on tailoring investment strategies to individual retirees.

Retirement Lifestyle Model Portfolios

Retirement Lifestyle Model Portfolios have been constructed using an objectives-based approach, considering those risks most relevant to retirees. They can be easily implemented within a typical financial planning process, based on the investor’s risk and return preferences.

Approved product list

Lonsec Retire’s Approved Product List (APL) includes a broad range of quality products analysed and rated by Lonsec Research, which may be used to construct a diversified retirement portfolio. The APL provides guidance on the exposure each product has to those risks most relevant to retirees.