I Am a Fund Manager

As a fund manager, knowing where you stand is essential. Lonsec Fiscal enables you to go one step further, providing customisable analysis and comprehensive benchmarking across all sectors. Lonsec Fiscal offers a full suite of market research, consulting, and digital tools to take your fund further.

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Funds Research Products

Lonsec Research delivers quality and timely investigative research and advice to finance professionals. We cover an expansive array of investment products, from managed funds and mainstream offerings through to alternative investments and listed income securities.

Retirement Solutions

Lonsec Retire provides financial advisers with access to leading investment tools and insights to enable their clients to better manage their savings through retirement and achieve their investment goals. Lonsec Retire offers a full suite of retirement investing services, including the latest research and strategic insights, practical retirement solutions, and objectives-based portfolio modelling tools.

Super Consulting Services

SuperRatings Consulting Services helps funds understand what drives their value, which areas offer the best growth potential and how financial product offerings can be optimised across different client segments. With superior analysis and advice, supported by a vast collection of industry and fund data, SuperRatings is well placed to help funds develop and implement their growth strategies.


Lonsec Fiscal's group of businesses offers a wide range of tools to enable financial advisers and fund managers to achieve better investment outcomes for their clients. The iRate platform provides access to the full suite of Lonsec Research analysis and investment tools, while applications such as the Superannuation Market Analysis Research Technology (SMART) tool allows users to directly compare super funds by analysing investment performance and a range of other metrics.