Funds Research Products

Lonsec Research delivers quality and timely investigative research and advice to finance professionals. We cover an expansive array of investment products, from managed funds and mainstream offerings through to alternative investments and listed income securities.

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Managed funds

Lonsec Research provides ratings and analysis covering an expansive universe of listed and unlisted managed funds. Lonsec Research’s investment ratings and reviews are based on quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as face-to-face engagements with fund managers, allowing for objective, in-depth research that delivers better investment outcomes for clients.


Lonsec Research’s analysis covers an extensive range of products within the alternatives sector, including hedge funds, listed derivative products, property, absolute return and commodity funds. Alternatives can play an essential role in providing access to specific risk and return exposures, or achieving broader portfolio diversification.

Structured products

Lonsec Research’s analysis enables investors to better understand the risks and benefits of individual structured product offerings. Structured products are pre-packaged investment strategies designed to offer exposure to highly customised risk and return objectives. Structured products provide non-traditional payoffs, often based on the value of underlying securities.

Direct assets and infrastructure

Lonsec Research’s coverage of infrastructure funds allows investors to gain insights into a sector characterised by information asymmetries, but with the potential for stable long-term yields and low correlation with other asset classes.


Lonsec Research analyses an extensive range of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) using its proprietary index funds research methodology. ETFs are a convenient way for investors to gain access to diversified investments. Because ETFs trade like shares, they are generally more liquid and can provide greater flexibility than unlisted funds.

SMA portfolios and platforms

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) provide investors with exposure to a professionally managed portfolio of shares, with beneficial ownership resting with the investor. Lonsec Research helps investors to understand the benefits and risks of individual platforms.

Listed income securities

Lonsec Research’s analysis covers a range of ASX-listed income securities, including corporate and bank hybrid securities. Hybrids generally have greater risk than other types of corporate bonds, with some ‘equity-like’ and ‘debt-like’ features. Lonsec Research helps you understand how these assets can be used to add value to client portfolios.

Listed investment companies

Listed Investment Companies (LICs) are managed funds structured as a company and listed on an exchange, enabling investors to gain exposure to a diverse and professionally managed portfolio. Lonsec Research’s coverage of LICs allows investors to maximise the benefits of LIC exposure through a deep analysis of the performance and investment process of individual companies.