Lonsec Fiscal's group of businesses offers a wide range of tools to enable financial advisers and fund managers to achieve better investment outcomes for their clients. The iRate platform provides access to the full suite of Lonsec Research analysis and investment tools, while applications such as the Superannuation Market Analysis Research Technology (SMART) tool allows users to directly compare super funds by analysing investment performance and a range of other metrics.

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Access to Lonsec Research’s in-depth investment research and superior adviser tools is delivered through the market leading iRate platform. iRate reflects Lonsec Research’s proven philosophy of delivering better investment outcomes to clients, ensuring advisers have the tools at hand to create, model, analyse and report on a wide variety of metrics.

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Refreshed daily, the Superannuation Market Analysis Research Technology (SMART) allows users to assess and compare super funds in a user-friendly, interactive environment. SMART is application-based for easy navigation, allowing users to compare up to three funds side-by-side. Users can analyse and model investment performance, membership statistics and fund size, as well as insurance costs and fees.

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Fund Crediting Rate Survey

The Fund Crediting Rate Survey application provides users with the most thorough and relevant accumulation and pension return information in the superannuation industry. All major investment options are ranked, and performance can be benchmarked over a range of different time periods. Users can also customise surveys to suit their needs, using variables such as asset ratio, time period, and option type.

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Asset Allocation

The Asset Allocation application is a dynamic tool providing access to current and historical product asset allocation data across more than 400 products and 6,000 investment options. Asset Allocation provides ‘actual’, ‘benchmark’ and ‘range’ allocations for each investment, as well as historical data and the ability to refine and filter searches by growth or defensive ratios, option type and default.

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The SuperRatings Statistics application takes superannuation research to a new level, offering comprehensive surveys and comparative reports that detail growth in FUM, membership and contribution flows, giving users the story behind the data. Reports are user-generated and cover a vast universe of major trusts and products from across industry, retail and government sectors.

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