Investment Consulting

Lonsec Research’s leading team of investment consultants deliver tailored, client-driven insights and analysis for financial advisers, dealer groups and superannuation funds. Lonsec Investment Consulting’s services include core managed fund model portfolios, strategic asset allocation advice and a range of historical asset class and benchmark data.

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Capability reviews

Our bespoke due diligence service provides a rigorous financial product assessment in the areas pertinent to your business, and delivers reports accordingly.

Capabilities we review include:

Pre-product launch due diligence
Introducing a new investment product into the market comes with risk. To complement your internal due diligence, we provide an independent assessment, reviewing your corporate structure, people, processes and risk management structures. We help to identify and address any potential product weaknesses, and to highlight the strengths.

Financial product positioning
Our in-depth experience in portfolio construction means we’re well placed to provide sound analysis and advice on asset allocation, fund manager selection and portfolio blending. We can help product manufacturers assess where their financial product fits within the context of a diversified portfolio.

White labelling
With a growing number of dealer groups internalising their investments via a managed discretionary account (MDA) or white label arrangement, we can independently assess their investment capabilities, adding rigour to their own due diligence process.

Platform placement
Platforms typically require external due diligence for a financial product to be considered for platform inclusion. We provide an independent assessment of your financial products which can be included in a platform submission.

Investment Outlook Report

The Investment Outlook Report reflects Lonsec Investment Consulting’s latest views on markets and the economy, as well as providing tactical asset allocation guidance against Lonsec’s strategic asset allocation framework. The report provides economic and currency analysis, forecasts, tactical asset allocation and relative valuation analysis.

Investment Committee Participation

Having a solid investment committee process is critical to ensuring investment decisions are well considered. As an independent member on your investment committee, we will provide valuable input across a number of areas, including:
• market view
• independent viewpoint on financial product discussions and recommendations on new financial products for consideration
• independent viewpoint on asset allocation and portfolio construction
• review of customised models or APLs
• discussion of new opportunities, markets and out-of-cycle reviews
• sector research updates.

SAA review

Lonsec Investment Consulting provides a comprehensive review of your client’s strategic asset allocation, ensuring that their asset class mix is optimised according to their investment goals and risk and return preferences. SAA advice draws on the experience and resources of the Lonsec Investment Committee, which is made up sector experts from across the Lonsec Group.

Model portfolios

Lonsec Research’s Core Portfolios reflect the fundamental belief that a diversified approach to portfolio construction, with a strong focus on risk, is critical to achieving portfolio objectives. Core Portfolios are managed by Lonsec Investment Consulting, with a long track record of providing bespoke asset allocation and portfolio construction solutions.