Super Fund Ratings & Comparisons

SuperRatings rewards quality funds with its Platinum, Gold and Silver ratings. These ratings are earned, not bestowed. They are coveted by super funds, sought by members and respected by the media. In an increasingly competitive market, super fund members rely on independent analysis and validation of their super fund, which is exactly what our ratings and awards deliver.

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Accumulation Benchmark Reports

Used by the industry's leading Australian funds, the SuperRatings Benchmark Reports continue to be a critical tool in relation to ongoing management of funds. The Accumulation Benchmark Report analyses over 1000 points of fund operations including a quantitative and qualitative review of investments, administration, fees, growth metrics, member services, advice, education and insurance structures.

Pension Benchmark Reports

The SuperRatings Pension Benchmark reports offer a thorough assessment of where your pension product stands against industry best practice. An ideal supplement to the Accumulation Benchmark Report, it provides all the data necessary to ensure you offer a competitive retirement product and, ultimately, retain and attract high-balance members.

Infinity Report

More than ever, funds are taking into account environmental, social and ethical factors prior to selecting investments. Likewise, member awareness of sustainable super and responsible investment has expanded significantly. The SuperRatings Infinity Report delivers an in-depth review of funds that are delivering sustainably, as well as those that are at the forefront of our industry.